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Each one of these Natural Stone Necklaces are handmade with natural stones and delivered right to you! Please allow for slight differentiation as each necklace is being handmade by our lovely staff! These products are not sold in store! Once these sell out they will not be back until July 2017.

The Chakra Tree necklace is made up of 

7th Chakra/Crown- Quartz crystal (clear)

6th Chakra/Brow - Amethyst (purple)

5th Chakra/Throat - Sodalite (blue)

4th Chakra/Heart - Aventurine (green)

3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus - Citrine (yellow)

2nd Chakra/Sacral - Carnelian (orange)

1st Chakra/Base - Red Jasper (red)

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